Personalised name tag brooch


Made to order - allow 1-3 weeks for production

With this personalised brooch you will be recognisable as the maker on markets and easier to aproach at events. Wear your name tag when going networking or when meeting business contacts.
By seeing your name and knowing who you are, it will be easier for others to approch your and ask about your work. By seeing your name while taking to you, people will remember your name more easily.

This brooch has been laser cut from birch wood, and the letters and lines have been engraved in the wood. Finished with a brooch pin, this piece of jewelery is easy to wear and will stay in place all day long. The wood has been finished with varnish, which protects the wood and gives it i lovely soft shine.

Below your name there is room for some extra information. In the photo’s you can see an instagram handle, but you could also choose to show your company name or website.

Please provide the following information when buying this item:
1) The name you want engraved on the brooch. The size of the font will be adjusted to fit the name on the brooch.
2) Your insta handle, website or other information you want to have engraved below your name. If you do not provide this extra information, I wil assume you only want your name on the tag and will centre the name in the available space.

Product details
Material: lasercut birch wood
Size: approx 30×65 mm
Pin: brooch pin

NOTE: wood is a natural product and grain patterns and colour might vary slightly. Each product is a unique piece.


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