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Stamps are a great way to:

  • personalise your packaging;
  • show your brand, logo or business name on your products and orders;
  • make your orders look professional by showing your brand on the products;
  • create eco-friendly packaging;
  • decorate envelopes and cards;
  • spend an afternoon crafting.

Stamps are super eco friendly as they can be reused often and on multiple places. By choosing the right inkt you can use your rubber stamps on many different materials, including cardboard, fabrics and paper.

JOOP has a large range of pre-made stamps

Rubber stamps are perfect for personalising your product packaging or decorating cards and envelopes. We have a large range specifically for business owners which are perfect for personalising your product packaging.

Get a Custom Stamp made

Personalised stamps can be used in so many different ways. The advantage of having a stamp made with a laser cutter is the very fine details that can be caputured. Stamps as small as 1×1 cm and as large as a A4 paper can be made. Due to the laser the smallest details will be clear on the stamp.

Custom stamps are a great option for:

  • logo stamps
  • wedding stamps
  • address stamps
  • packaging stamps

Learn more about making a custom stamp

A few examples of previously made custom stamps:

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Taking care of your stamps

Taking care of your stamps can help them last longer and maintain their quality. Images will keep looking crisp and clear. By following best practices for cleaning, storing, and handling your stamps, you can ensure that they remain in good condition and continue to create beautiful, high-quality projects for years to come.

Here are some top tips on how to take care of rubber stamps so they remain in good condition and last as long as possible:

  1. Store stamps properly: When not in use, store your stamps in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. You can store them in the original box they came with or create a stamp storage binder, a stamp storage box, or a stamp storage bag.
  2. Clean stamps after use: After each use, clean your stamps. Stamp on a clean piece of paper to remove exess ink. You can use a stamp cleaner, but using a mild soap and water works just as well. You can also use a reusable cloth or use baby wipes. Be sure to dry the stamps thoroughly before storing them and make sure not to get the wooden handle wet.
  3. Protect stamps from moisture in storage: Long exposure to moisture can cause rubber stamps to become mushy or sticky, which can make them difficult to use and make the stamp image unclear. To prevent moisture damage, store your stamps in a dry place and protect them from spills or splashes.
  4. Handle stamps carefully: Handle your stamps gently to avoid damaging the rubber or the image. Avoid bending or twisting the stamps, as this can cause the rubber to break or the image to become distorted. Stamps mounted on a handle prevent this, but can still be damaged by the impact of a fall.
  5. Use a protective cover: To protect your stamps from dirt and dust or rubbing against other stamps in storage, consider using a protective cover such as a cotton bag or a stamp cover. This will help keep your stamps clean and in good condition.
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