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Happy mail

The happy mail collection was born from the love for paper post. There is no comparing an email with a handwritten postcard. These Happy Mail stamps allow you to show your love for happy mail!

Add a postmark border to your postcard, add a Postcrossing ID stamp to your postcards or let people know that your mail contains happiness with our new Happy Mail Collection stamps.


Postmark stamps

In the Netherlands even our paper post has gotten a digital touch with postmark codes. Instead of buying paper stamps you can now buy a digital code to write on your envelope. 

These postmark border stamps allow you to add a nice border to your code to mimic the original paper stamps while having the ease of the digital stamps.

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Postcrossing stamps

The Happy Mail stamps are perfect for Postcrossing. Decorate your postcards or mail with these stamps to give it a unique post-loving touch.

There are even special Postcrossing ID stamps in this collection that allow you to add your unique postcrossing iD to your cards!

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