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Convert your normal desk, into a standing desk!


Specifically for a more ergonomic workspace, this desk converter lets you switch between a seated and standing position easily.


You can have your logo, name or image engraved on the desk converter to personalise it. These are pefect to customise with a company logo to give as a corporate gift to your employers.

Flat pack

This desk converter comes in 4 separate pieces. It is easy to set-up or take down. It can be put away easily by stacking the parts.


Upgrade your workspace with this dek converter. If you have any special measurement requirements than let me know and we can customise your desk converter.



The shelf for the keyboard is 50x20cm. This fits a keyboard and a mouse, or easily fits a notebook.
*This measurement is customisable


The shelf for the laptop is 30×23 cm. This will fit most laptops. This desk converter is not suitable for regular monitors.


The height is 65 cm and has multiple positions available for both laptop and keyboard shelves.

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