Postcrossing Stamps

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Postcrossing stamps

The Postcrossing stamp collection contains stamps that are perfect for Postcrossing. Decorate your postcards with these stamps to give them a unique post-loving touch.

There are even special Postcrossing ID stamps in this collection that allow you to add your unique Postcrossing ID to your cards!


Most Postcrossers run out of size with the stories they want to tell on their postcards while also wanting to decorate their postcards. This is why the Postcrossing stamps are all small in size! This way you have space enough for all your stories and other decorations!

Personalise your Postcrossing stamp

Several of our Postcrossing stamps are customizable! For example, in this Postcrossing ID stamp, you can add your own country code.

If you order a customised stamp, the stamp will be created just for you!

Happy Mail stamps

If you like the Postcrossing collection you might want to have a look at our Happy Mail stamps too!

There are lots of stamps that will look lovely on your postcards!

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