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Based in Utrecht in the Netherlands, all products made by JOOP digital studio are handmade. The webshop contains a collection of jewellery and home decor items aswell as some items for a more ergonomic workspace.

Personalised items

Part of the collection of JOOP are items that can be personalised. Add a name, a logo or change the color of designs to create truely unique items.

Home decor

Part of the JOOP digital studio collection is a range of home decor items; coasters, vases and lamps.

JOOP Collection

JOOP always has a large collection of unique designs in stock ready for fast shipping. Perfect as a gift to yourself or a loved one.


Specifically for a more ergonomic workspace, JOOP has some items in the collection. These are pefect to customise with a company logo to give as a corporate gift to your employers.

Previously made custom products

Desk converter with logo

As a gift to their employees, TEVA ordered 160 desk converters with their own logo on it. This gift will give their employees the option to turn their desk into a standing desk.

Wedding guest book

A completely custom guestbook was lasercut for a wedding. Front and back of the book were laser cut and engraved with the images of the wedding invites. Names of the bride and groom and date of the wedding are engraved on the front, while the silhouette of a dancing couple was cut out of the back. 

Logo tags

For the products of Idylness, they were looking for tags with the logo to attach to their products. We ended up designing a small wooden lasercut tag. These were produced in a batch of 100 tags.

Custom modern lamp shades

For this order we designed new lamp shades for an existing lamp. We removed the clear glass shades and added modern lasercut shades in a transparent green acrylic. 

Custom buttons

Sweet Little Meadow offers handmade clothing. For these items, I created wood buttons with a flower engraved on them. These buttons give a completely unique look to the items.

Jewellery collection

Texelse Groet has new and modern souvenirs from the Dutch island Texel. Lisa wanted to add some jewellery to her collection of souvenirs. Together we designed a necklace, brooch and earrings in the shape of Texel, which kan now be bought in her shop.

Custom stamp

This custom stamp was made for ClaudiaHansenStudio. She uses it on her packaging for het Etsy shop.


Get Your Customised Designs made!

Please contact me with any questions about personalised or custom designs!

Customisable And Personalised Designs At Affordable Prices!

Do you want a custom designed or custom made laser cut product? I love to create items specifically for you.

I can create wooden and plastic jewelry and other laser cut products specifically for you. I can customise my own designs so it fits you perfectly or design a piece just for you. I often make pieces based on logos or for special events.

It is possible to make most designs. Have a look at the products we have previously made for others for inspiration and to get an idea of what is possible. Please contact me for details, questions and pricing.

Are you a retailer interested in adding JOOP digital studio products or some custom made products to your range?

Please reach out to discuss the posibilities.

I offer a discount for larger orders. Please contact me to get a price offer.

Worldwide Shipping

JOOP ships all over the world, from our base in the Netherlands.


All products top quality handmade items. Personalistion of items is usually possible.

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Special offers for large quantities are available. Please contact me for larger orders.

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